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Graoumf Tracker 2

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 What is it ?

Welcome to the official homepage of Graoumf Tracker 2. It is a soundtracker for Windows, sequel of the famous Graoumf Tracker for Atari Falcon. This program is a integrated music sequencer and advanced sampler.

The sampler uses samples files (.WAV for example) to generate sounds. It can change the pitch of the sounds to play different notes, and change some other parameters such as the volume, the stereo position of the sound (panoramic), etc.

Check the info page for more information about it.


Graoumf Tracker 2 v0.0017 released! 2005.10.15

I've made available the latest Graoumf Tracker 2, currently numbered v0.0017. Here are the changes:

 Added shortcuts for previous and next instrument (Alt + LEFT/RIGHT) and previous and next sample (Shift + Alt + LEFT/RIGHT).
 Added shortcut to make current instrument the one of the closest note on the track (dot on the numeric pad).
 Drumpad: basic operations are implemented.

 Fixed Sample Offset effect parameter (9xxx) when importing GT2 modules created with Graoumf Tracker on Falcon 030. The latter measured the position in bytes, whereas Graoumf Tracker 2 measures position in samples (it makes difference with 16-bit samples). There were also problemes offsets past the sample loop.
 Fixed a few bugs leading to crash or clicks.

Website moved 2002.05.20

The official Graoumf Tracker web site is now hosted by Source Forge. Its new address is http://graoumftracker2.sourceforge.net. As you can see, it also benefited from a new design.

Source code released - Call for developers 2002.05.12

Because my day (and night) job at Ohm Force is taking all my free time, I cannot continue the Graoumf Tracker 2 development anymore. Therefore I decided to release the source code under a GPL license. I opened an account on Source Forge and uploaded the code. Currently there isn't any public package available for download, but you can get the source code with a CVS client or browse the CVS tree on the web.

I hope some people will continue this project which still has enthusiastic users. If you're interested in the development, please contact me.

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